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Karen Shepard lives and writes in the Pacific Northwest. Her interest in food and alternative lifestyles began in the 60s when the evolving consciousness about the food we eat and how it effects on our heath and the world we live in, was just beginning to take root. On a long acre min-farm in Pennsylvania with her husband and kids, she raised chickens, had a goat, and pursued cooperative gardening with friends. As part of the movement toward holistic medicine she studied spiritual midwifery, and experimented with recipes for things like Zucchini Canoes and Soy Bean Burritos until her children were big enough to form organized protests. She has launched two small business start-ups, Storyshirts and Good Dog Coffee, as well as taught and worked with at-risk kids at Campfire USA. Currently she enjoys hiking, horseback riding, and sharing the benefits of her experience with her three grandkids.

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Connecting Your Children with Food – Part 2


There is a bumper sticker that says: “Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your kids.” It’s true. Who knew you were going to have to be a short order cook/ magician just to get kids to try something besides

Connecting Your Children with Food Part 1


I grew up with a family where Salisbury Steak TV dinner was an exciting alternative to trying to figure out something to cook for myself. Needless to say that didn’t exactly set me up for having a connected relationship with

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