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Linda Bonvie is an author and journalist specializing in food, environmental and health-related topics who has co-authored dozens of articles for major newspapers and magazines. For the last three years she has worked as a blogger and editor at, a website sponsored by Citizens for Health. She also blogs at and Chemical-Free Kids, where she updates the issues covered in two book she co-authored, Chemical-Free Kids (2003) and Chemical-Free Kids: The Organic Sequel (2008). <>. Most of her spare time is devoted to working as a volunteer with an animal rescue group at the New Jersey shore.

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Make Your Own Delicious Trail Mix and Save Money


Trail mixes have become an ultimate on-the-fly snack; and not just for outdoorsy types hiking the Appalachian Trail or mountain biking at Moab. Even folks confined to daily trudges along inner-city sidewalks are now turning to trail mixes to help

Become a ‘fruitie’ with these four exotic and nutritious fruits


It wasn’t that long ago that produce mainstays like kiwis, mangoes and papayas were total bafflers in the produce section, never before seen or tasted. With the success of exotic fruits like those, along with improvements in shipping, the hunt

Plantain: A Banana of a Different Color

Grilled Banana

Produce-aisle question: What are hard and green and look just like small bananas — but are a lot more confusing? Yep, it’s those things called plantains, now a regular sight in many groceries. Although the plantain is a diet staple

Delicious fast and easy quinoa recipe!


Looking for a great lunch or dinner idea, a change of pace from a sandwich, pizza or a quick pick from your freezer? Well, this is my favorite! It could be called a salad, but it’s more than that. And

7 big reasons to eat more blueberries

some blueberries on the bush

July is being called national blueberry month, but I think the entire summer should be dedicated to this amazing fruit! As Dr. Daria said in her post last week, blueberries are a powerhouse little berry that can help us, and

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