Is Tamanu the Ultimate Anti-Aging and Healing Beauty Oil?


Tamanu Oil, with its regenerative healing powers is something everyone should consider having in their medicine cabinet. Containing antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-fungal qualities, it can be used topically to treat everything from sunburn and ringworm – to acne. Indigenous to

Party Healthy With Peppermint!

Party Healthy With Peppermint!

Well the holidays are almost upon us. Candy canes line the supermarket aisles and grace our trees. While the traditional red and white sugar blast may not be your best choice for this ancient medicinal, there are lots of reasons

Getting More Out of Your Greens Part 2

Olive Oil and Salad

Better together. O.K. So we know about Popeye and the amazing affects Spinach had on his physique, but what about his girlfriend “Olive Oil”?  More than just a sidekick, she is the substance that inspires. Did you ever go on

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