“Organic” used to mean “tastes like the box,”
but Wild Oats Marketplace Organic products will have you thinking they taste too good to be true. Our organics feature the same very high standards as other USDA certified organic brands. Finally, organic goodness you can trust at a very palatable price!

Every effort is made to develop products with the shortest and most simple ingredient list by banning 125 unwanted ingredients.

Available Products

Product Benefits

  1. No GMOs
  2. No Artificial Pesticides, Fungicides
    or Herbicides
  3. No Hormones or Antibiotics
  4. No Artificial Fertilizers
  5. Certified by USDA
  1. No Artificial Sweeteners
  2. No Artificial Preservatives
  3. No Artificial Flavors
  4. All Colors from Natural Sources
  5. No Hydrogenated Fats
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