2015 Marks Year of Record-Breaking Organic Growth!


According to our friends at the Organic Trade Association (OTA), 2015 was a record-breaking year for U.S. organic industry growth. In fact, total organic product sales hit a whopping $43.3 billion in 2015, up 11 percent from 2014 sales!

There are a number of reasons cited for this gain, including people becoming increasingly concerned about the environment, various health considerations and a belief in the merits of organic agriculture. In fact, a recent Consumers Report survey showed that 84 percent of American consumers would choose an organic product over the same conventional product.

As many of you know, Wild Oats has long been a pioneer in the natural and organic foods industry having introduced the brand back in 1987—before it was mainstream to talk about the health and wellness benefits of everyday foods.

We are thrilled to continue to be a part of the organic movement by offering our expanding line of affordable organic products. We appreciate all the wonderful support from our loyal customers as we utilize our tools and learning to take the Wild Oats brand to the next level!

Read the full article about the record-breaking organic growth here.


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7 Responses to 2015 Marks Year of Record-Breaking Organic Growth!

  1. Wilma says:

    Can I buy your products online and how do I go about?

    • Chelsea Vurciaga says:

      Hi Wilma! We don’t offer an online option at this time, but it is something that we are carefully considering! We will announce new retailers as soon as possible!

  2. Kay says:

    I was delighted to find Wild Oats product, both canned and frozen, back in my local Walmart. I have not used them yet and I am anxious to see if the new products are as fresh tasting and flavorful as they were before.
    Thank You!

  3. Delores says:

    I had found the tomato sauce and broths at our local Walmart for awhile and enjoyed using them. It has been weeks since there has been any at our local Walmart. Do you know if you will be having more products at the Walmart in Sanford,NC?

    • Chelsea Vurciaga says:

      Hi Delores! We are transitioning out of Walmart stores at this time and into new retailers. We will keep customers posted on where to shop as soon as we can! Thanks for your support!

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