Thinking of frying up something good? Think Olive Oil!

Thinking of frying up something good? Think Olive Oil!

Is fried food a staple in your dinner line-up?  Well, for the sake of your good health and your waistline, I hope not.  Fried food is certainly popular ….. but most of us know fried foods are high in excess calories and are not particularly healthy for us. And yet, there are times when a perfectly fried addition to a meal is called for.  For me ….. it’s onion rings!  Oh gosh, my favorite!

Here’s today’s tip: a new study shows that frying with olive oil is healthier than frying with several other popular oils.  The study  was published this month in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry.   In the study researchers took pieces of raw potatoes and either  pan-fried and deep fried them in one of four different cooking oils:  corn, olive, soybean and sunflower.  All of these oils are unsaturated oils (see my post about muffins for more on unsaturated fats ).    Each oil was reused 10 times and was tested for the effect on the stability of the oil to resist deterioration into unhealthy fat metabolites (breakdown products).  The results …. Olive Oil was more stable than the others, and maintained its health supporting benefits better than the others!  So, thinking of frying up something good?  Think Olive Oil!

An older study from 2013 looked specifically at blood tests for certain unhealthy biomarkers after eating meals containing different oils.  In this study, olive oil, sunflower oil, and mixed sunflower/canola oil, were each taken through 20 heating cycles before the oil was used in preparation of identical breakfast meals.  In this study, the blood tests confirmed that the olive oil promoted healthier blood levels of different biomarkers when checked a few hours after eating the meals.  Geeze!  There is no hiding from it … what you eat matters!

Are you in the mood for some fried onion rings?  Well, if you are a deep fryer person, change your oil to some Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil.  It will be healthier for everyone who eats some of your yummy creations, starting with the onion rings.  Here is a great deep fryer recipe.

But …. to be candid …  I’ve got an alternative that really is delicious and so much healthier than deep fried onion rings  …. Oven Fried Onion Rings!  No, really, these are a delicious alternative!  Try it … you’ll like it!!

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5 Responses to Thinking of frying up something good? Think Olive Oil!

  1. Sylvia Hiebert says:

    Do you offer coupons so that I may try your product verses what I currently use? The cost of organic products is constantly increasing and I am on a fixed income, or possibly samples of your products.

    • Oatie at Wild Oats says:

      Hi Sylvia, thanks for your note. We don’t offer coupons because we have devoted all of our focus to giving every shopper the lowest possible price every day to make our Wild Oats organic products more affordable. You’ll notice that our products are priced ~25% lower than national brand organic products at Walmart and at the same price as the leading national non-organic brands—we hope that helps!

  2. Sally Foster says:

    made a trip to walmart to pick up some veggies and milk and found your peanut butter. Thank you for placing some of your items there where we can find them at a good price. I am looking forward to buying more of your products soon and hope walmart will carry frozen as well as shelf items. Thank you!

    ps the peanut butter was excellent

    • Dr. Daria says:

      Thanks for the comments. I agree, the peanut butter is great! Keep checking when you are in your store, you’ll find more and more in the coming months. Wild Oats does have wonderful frozen fruits and veggies so watch for them.
      Dr. D.

  3. Edwin schwab Iv says:

    I hope you reopen stores soon and put them in east coast I E providence ri

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